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Opdrætter:  Seasons Gold NC, USA

BISS GCHB Magic City’s Still On The Road CGC, TKNMBISS, MBVIS, BOSVSW, GCH CH Ridgehaven’s On The Road Again CD, RN, DN, DJBOSS CH GI-KI’s G’Wait Sock It To Em CD RN JH WC OS SDHF VC
Cashie Can’t Hold Her Licker CD, BN, RN, CCA, CGC, OD
Monark’s Magic City Some Like It Hot CGC, TKN, RNGoodtime’s Mcdaknife
CH Monark’s Walking On Water
Kattwalk Seasons Golden Bumble Iza BelleRBIS MBISS GCHB Kattwalk’s The Spy Who Loved Me SDHFBISS Am GCH CH Can CH Gangway’s SUV OS SDHF
Kattwalk Beethoven’s First Symphony
Am GCHS MBISS Cobblestone Flyte Of The Bumblebee SDHFGCH CH Shyan’s Blu Christmas OS
CH Kattwalk’s Sparks Are Gonna Fly At Cobblestone OD